1. VCs are humans too!

    For startups and entrepreneurs, VC(Venture Capital)s and investors are scary, very very scary. This is how investors look to most entrepreneurs… 

    Dragon's Den

    With their legs crossed, either taking notes or staring at you (plus in the above case with a big pile of cash next to them). Entrepreneurs are frightened what kind of questions they are going to ask. 

    However, the video I watched was quite the contrary…


    This is one of the videos uploaded by CapitalOnStage, a very unique conference where 20 VCs pitch in front of 200 startups.

    Here, Rory (sorry for picking you!), seems very nervous about pitching in front of the big audience, just like rest of us. That’s actually a refreshing experience.

    Understand the VC you are to meet

    I first got to know about CapitalOnStage when I was researching about Rory on YouTube (I was going to attend an event where he was about to lecture) . Why do you search people on YouTube? Well, YouTube is the second biggest search engine next to the Google itself, and it’s good to know how people speak, their tone of voice, gestures and mannerisms.

    This gives way more information than browsing a LinkedIn profile, though many people don’t expect that someone else is searching your video.

    Every VC is unique

    After finding one VC video, then I noticed CapitalOnStage’s YouTube channel has over 150 videos of VCs presenting 5 minute pitches to startups. That’s a gem for someone like me who has no clue about how each VC is different. The only problem is that there are too many videos to watch.

    5 min x 150 videos = 750 minutes

    I (and probably none of you ) have time to spend 12 hours watching such intensive pitches.

    I noticed that there is an upcoming event in Berlin, so I watched 10 of their last pitches (taking almost an hour) and compiled the digest version using StepUp. This looped over my personal best moments from 10 pitches, each of them under 6 seconds, so it takes only 1 minute to glance them all.

    Did you find any interesting talks? Then click the title, so that it will redirect to the same looping page I embedded earlier to see other parts of the videos. You can always click the “YouTube” button to see the entire video if you like.

    VC’s prioritise different aspects when investing

    VCs in the digest version may claim that there are better parts in these videos. Yes, I agree. What is interesting though is each speaker focuses on different aspects. Some talk about how their team is awesome, while others mention what kind of stage and industry they are looking after (since the event was for startups to select VCs to have discussion with afterwards).

    VC’s are not just about investment, but good for advice too

    A few of the VCs don’t talk much about them, but rather talk about tips for entrepreneurs. I added these aspects under different tags, so that you can skim through them too.

    Do you want to attend CapitalOnStage?

    This year’s CapitalOnStage is held on 27th May in Berlin. It’s only for selected 200 startups, so you need to fill in application about your startup and get accepted. 

    It’s not specified on the event page, but you may get a discount price if you apply before May 16th (Fri). Just mention my name (Makoto) in the application form that I said so.

    During the event, you will have 2x10 minutes session to meet with your chosen VCs, so it’s good idea to watch other videos of VCs attending the event. If you find your favourite moment, please create  new hashtag on StepUp and share with us.

    Photo credit to : moneymakermagazine